Markquart Motors Case Study

Markquart Dealership Turns Over a New Leaf with High-Performance Veneer Solution
Markquart Motors, Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin

The goal for Markquart Motors was to create a dealership that seamlessly blended the unique brand identities of Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram while highlighting the great outdoors and their own long-standing presence in the automobile industry.

To help make that vision a reality, Markquart Motors consulted Ideation Studio, a wellregarded leader in multidisciplinary design “providing interior design, architecture, graphic design, and product design services.” Ideation Studio has more than two decades of experience in auto dealerships and a relationship with Markquart Motors, making the firm the perfect choice to meld the dealer’s business model with a modern customer experience. 


Ideation Studio knew that they wanted to highlight local flavor and incorporate elements particular to the northern Wisconsin location.

“We wanted to create a space that would be sophisticated and timeless, yet have a little twist of outdoorsy to meld with the brand aesthetic. It was about bringing the outdoors in and allowing the cars themselves to star in the environment,” said Jennifer Nemec, Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Ideation Studio. “When designing a retail dealership, it’s about flow and the customer journey with integral focal points and managing the immersion experience for guests. “There is more than one type of guest, from those getting their cars serviced to those purchasing an automobile, and each will experience the same space differently.”

They needed to specify products that have the durability to withstand the demands of a retail environment while keeping with the sophisticated beauty that defined the space


Ideation Studio specified New Leaf TM Performance Veneers Birch Quarter Sawn with a Toffee stain, which was the perfect solution to marry the outdoor aesthetic to the indoor environment.  New Leaf Performance Veneer brought warmth and sophistication to the space while presenting customers with a consistent experience that easily flows through critical focal points without breaking immersion.

New Leaf was also specified for its durability, which is required in retail environments like the new Markquart dealership. With additional durability, particularly on vulnerable corners, New Leaf solutions bring high performance and stand the test of time, offering: 

- Excellent fade, scratch and wear resistance

- Robust dent and impact resistance

- The beauty of authentic, natural veneer without the high cost

- Unmatched consistency from order to order y Consistent color and predictable grain

- A smooth, flawless surface y Exclusive topcoat innovation to refract light and highlight depth and clarity


The new Markquart dealership exceeded the organization’s goals for a perfect blend of disparate spaces and four distinct brands into one timeless experience.

Now, as customers move through the space, they’re presented with a consistent and beautiful aesthetic ready to stand up to the daily wear and tear of an automotive environment. 
The warm, inviting space evokes the essence of each of the brands, as well as the local region, and draws customers into an immersive experience from start to finish.

“The store looks incredible,” Charlee Markquart said. “The design elements came together beautifully and achieved a terrific result that really fit the vision we had for the new dealership.”
New Leaf™ Performance Veneers have improved on nature, taking the beauty, depth and dimension of natural wood grain and elevating it to a level of consistency and performance unimaginable with traditional veneers.

They’ve also brought an enhanced level of sustainability to surfaces, as they are produced from reproductions of premium wood species and cuts, are FSC certified to meet the ultimate standard in eco-friendly forest products, and meet stringent emissions standards to earn GREENGAURD Gold certification for low chemical emissions. In fact, New Leaf Performance Veneers guarantee low-emitting Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) at a value nearly half the VOC emission exhibited by traditional wood veneers during the staining, lacquer and finishing process.

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