Republic Title Case Study

Republic Title Castle Hills
The Realm at Castle Hills, Lewisville, Texas

The interior design of a high-profile Lewisville office space elevates form and function within a modern planned community 

The Realm at Castle Hills is a modern, 324-acre mixed-use development that was completed in 2020 inside a larger 2,900-acre master-planned community. Located on State Highway 121 in Lewisville, Texas, The Realm at Castle Hills, or just “The Realm” as it’s referred to locally, features 260 apartments, 16,000 square feet of restaurant space, and more than 235,000 square feet of Class A office space throughout nine floors. Altogether, The Realm exemplifies what can be achieved when architecture and design work together to optimize space for more efficient, convenient living and working.

One of the first businesses to take up residence in The Realm was Republic Title of Texas, Inc., a residential and commercial title insurance company with 15 locations throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The company’s newest location, called Republic Title Castle Hills, serves residential title insurance clients inside a 4,000-square-foot office. To complement the sophisticated look of The Realm’s exterior while maintaining Republic Title’s established brand identity inside, the insurance company brought in longtime interior design partner SG Design, Inc., of Dallas to create a modern space for both staff and clientele.

SG Design is an architecture, planning and interior design firm that specializes in the office, banking, restaurant, retail, healthcare and industry sectors. The firm has worked with Republic Title for more than 15 years and has designed a number of offices for the insurance company’s many locations, including Republic Title’s headquarters in Dallas. In this latest project, the primary interior design goals included visually organizing the space and choosing materials that would perform well over time within heavy-use spaces, such as a reception area, a snack and beverage station, a breakroom, and a copy and supply room.

To meet these goals, SG Design selected New Leaf ™ Performance Veneers as one of the dominant interior design materials to elevate both form and function.


SG Design has a long history of working with Republic Title, and for the new office, the design team choose materials and a color palette that offer a fresh aesthetic while aligning with the existing Republic Title office brand. Having used New Leaf Performance Veneers on past projects, the SG Design team knew it could rely on the consistent grain, colors and finishes, as well as the product’s resistance to scratches, dents and color fading, all for a look that will last years to come.  
SG Design partnered with R&R Millwork of Wills Point, Texas, a full-service fabricator of architectural millwork and laminated cabinetry. R&R Millwork produces everything from custom reception stations to modular and high-volume casework, and since New Leaf materials were readily available, R&R was able to quickly fabricate the case goods with New Leaf and deliver the order for installation with minimal lead time.

Inside the Republic Title office, New Leaf Performance Veneers make their first appearance on the face of the reception desk in Plain Sawn Cherry Natural and a Matte Finish. To achieve an attractive visual contrast, the designer added a white marble-patterned work surface and white centerpiece, complementing the New Leaf grains. 
New Leaf Cherry Plain Sawn Natural Veneer applied to the rear wall of the reception area continues onto the ceiling, creating a stunning entrance space for clients and employees.  Adjacent to the main reception area, the palette continues with the same material applied to the cabinet door faces and the rear wall of the snack and beverage station.

Other areas of the office that feature New Leaf Performance Veneers include a staff kitchen and breakroom and a copy and supply room. In the kitchen/breakroom area, the designer opted for New Leaf Performance Veneer in Cherry Plain Sawn Slate with Matte Finish. The Slate Veneers add a modern touch of mid-gray to the cabinets and drawer faces that sit directly beneath lighter cream and white marble-patterned countertops. This area is also outfitted with stainless steel appliances, cabinet handles and drawer pulls that complement the calm, cool color scheme. 
The cool gray, cream and white color palette continues into the office supply room with lower cabinet faces finished in the same Cherry Plain Sawn Slate Veneer. Using the cooler color palette in this area creates a calming feeling of organization and order while building on a sense of continuity throughout the common areas of the entire office space.


Because New Leaf Performance Veneer designs originate from exemplary grain species that are replicated, they provide the look of authentic woodgrain and deliver consistency from one sheet to the next. Variations in color and grain that are common in traditional veneers are eliminated, creating predictable patterns for modern office environments. Also, because these characteristics remain consistent over time, performance veneers that are added or replaced years after the initial installation will still match perfectly. Overall, the effect is the depth and dimension of natural woodgrain complemented by a high level of consistency and performance that is typically unattainable with traditional veneers. 
New Leaf Performance Veneers also last longer than traditional veneers and can maintain their original surface appearance even in active office environments like Republic Title. Each sheet delivers exceptional scratch and crack resistance, as well as impact resistance that is 14 times stronger than standard veneers. Performance veneers are also water resistant and UV fade resistant, making them a popular design material for office spaces that feature many windows or those located in more humid climates. The prefinished stain and topcoat save fabricators like R&R Millwork time in the shop, while still delivering durability and an authentic appearance that is appreciated by interior designers and their clients. 
For SG Design, the goal of every project is to create an attractive environment that also enhances organizational performance and productivity—a goal that was clearly met for Republic Title Castle Hills with the help of New Leaf Performance Veneers.

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