Veneer options to suit any aesthetic

New Leaf Performance Veneers are available in a range of species, cut and stain combinations to
accommodate diverse design styles and interior aesthetics.

There are Classic Species in plain cut designs for timeless versatility, especially in their natural hues or in toffee or merlot. Contemporary Choices feature quarter sawn and rift cut designs to downplay the grain for a cleaner, more contemporary aesthetic, which can be accentuated by the natural finish or two shades of gray. And Luxury Species deliver an upscale look in their rich, natural coloration.

Classic Species
  1. Cherry
    Plain Sawn
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  2. White Oak
    Plain Sawn
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  3. Black Walnut
    Plain Sawn
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Contemporary Choices
  1. Birch
    Quarter Sawn
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  2. Maple
    Rift Cut
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Stain Options

Each species and cut combination is available in up to five pre-finished shades.
View the product page for available stains for that veneer.



Every New Leaf Performance Veneer is available in your choice of Matte or Semi-Gloss finish.

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