The following resources offer additional and technical information on New Leaf Performance Veneers


New Leaf™ Performance Veneers enhances a neighborhood restaurant that relies on biophilic design principles to create a nature-centered dining experience amidst a beautiful mountain backdrop.

New Leaf™ Performance Veneers and its authentic woodgrain look added warmth and a modern feel to the new offices of Republic Title insurance in Lewisville, TX.

New Leaf™ Performance Veneers and its fade-resistant properties made for an ideal choice for the all glass main entrance to the hospital.

New Leaf Performance Veneer Plain Sawn Walnut provides a welcome feeling of comfort to the beautifully designed Galloway Care Center, the latest addition to Gastro Health’s ever-growing network.



The Gallup renovation to portions of its headquarters in both the historic and new sections of the building required materials and furnishings that would continue to honor and complement the existing architectural design palette set forth by the Masons.

Markquart Motors desired a dealership that seamlessly blended their unique brand identities, while highlighting the great outdoors.  Learn how New Leaf™ Performance Veneers achieved that goal, while providing durability to withstand the demands of a retail environment.


The United Way of Central Texas was in dire need of a new home to grow its service-oriented mission. Learn how New Leaf Performance Veneers helped redesign an aging USO building in Temple, TX, into an attractive, dynamic community space that will serve the UWCT for decades to come.


Learn how New Leaf™ Performance Veneers are different from other surface options like laminate and traditional wood veneer. See the beauty of wood veneer when it's combined with the reliability of an engineered surface. View all available species, colors and finishes. 

Learn about performance veneer composition, product dimensions, recommended uses and other specifications with our technical data sheet.

New Leaf Performance Veneers are engineered to withstand a variety of typical cleaning agents over their lifespan. View the findings from our rigorous testing protocols.

Anywhere traditional wood veneers are used; New Leaf Performance Veneers offer a better alternative. Download this document to specify New Leaf.

Our fabrication manuals offer not only general safety instructions, but proper fabrication techniques and recommended equipment and tools when working with New Leaf™ Performance Veneers and Edgeband.
New Leaf Earns Gold. UL Environment's GREENGUARD Certification Program has awarded the UL GREENGUARD Gold Certification for New Leaf Performance Veneers.